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Maintenance of the glass
Glass appear good-looking, but is not easy to save, must be carefully placed. Actually in all the material in the glass, the glass is the most healthy. Because the glass containing no organic chemicals, when people use a glass of water or other drinks, don't have to worry about harmful chemicals will be drink into the belly, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so people use a glass of water is the most healthy and safe.
Glass if you can use instant cleaning is best, if feel too much trouble, should also should be cleaned once a day at least, can clean before bed in the evening, and then to dry. When cleaning the glass, not only to clean the glass, the bottom of the cup and glass should not be ignored, especially the bottom, not temperamental predominance to wash at ordinary times, may precipitate a lot of bacteria and mixed scale. Professor Cai Chun special remind women friends, lipstick not only contain chemical composition, and extremely easy adsorption of harmful substances in the air and pathogens, drinking water will be harmful substances into the body, so must clean residue at the top of lipstick. Cleaning the cup is not enough to simply rinse with water, it is better to brush. In addition, as an essential ingredient of the detergent is a chemical compound, be cautious when using, pay attention to rinse off with clear water. If you want to wash with a large amount of fat, scale, dirt or tea cup can squeezing toothpaste on the brush, brush brush back and forth in the cup. Due to both the detergent in the toothpaste, and a very fine abrasive, it is easy to wipe away without residual substance damage the cup body.
The dirt removing
Many people like to drink tea, but tea scale on the mug is difficult to remove, grow a layer of tea set inside the dirt, contain cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metals. They are drinking tea into the body, and the protein, fat and vitamins in food nutrition combination, precipitation in the generation of refractory, hinder the absorption of nutrition. These oxide into the body at the same time, still can cause nervous, digestive, urinary dysfunction of the hematopoietic system disease and, in particular the arsenic, the cadmium can cause cancer, cause fetal abnormalities, a health hazard. Tea drinking is a habit, often should timely cleaning utensils inside the dirt. In order to let you no longer for this big nerve-racking, introduce several ways of in addition to the dirt below:
1. Get rid of metal tea tea on every scale, using the metal tea, can become black because of the dirt, such as medium cleaner also wash not to drop, usable vinegar soak, or can be easily detergent after soaking with bleach.
Scale 2. Get rid of the tea cup or teapot, teacup, teapot with for a long time, will be by a lot of tea scale, friction with sponge dipped in salt and can be easily removed.
3. In addition to the small scale tea, it can be soaked in bleach or detergent powder in the solution, and placed a night, can remove the dirt.
4. Potato skins to the dirt, the removal of the most simple method is: use potato skins for help. Put potato skins in the cup, and then put into the boiling water, cover, stuffy on 5 ~ 10 minutes, and then shake up and down, it can be one of the to get rid of the dirt.
5. Can use toothpaste or broken egg shell scrub, reoccupy clear water rinse.
6. Bubble in diluted vinegar bubble 30 minutes, can shine like new. Delicate tea sets, can be a cloth dipped in vinegar is wiped, finger's reach, can use soft toothbrush dipped in vinegar, salt into the solution of light mop can.

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