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1, whiteness: no significant color of bright glass...2016-2-26
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The choose and buy of the glass
1, whiteness: no significant color of bright glass requirement.
2, bubble: allows a certain width and lengths of bubbles exist a certain amount, and can use the steel needle prick bubbles are not allowed to exist.
3, transparent bumps: refers to the vitreous body of molten uneven, glass of capacity of less than 142 l, length is not greater than 1.0 mm is not more than one; The capacity of 142 ~ 284 ml glass, length is not greater than 1.5 mm is not more than one, the transparency of 1/3 cup body bumps are not allowed to exist.
4, miscellaneous grains: refers to the opaque granular sundry, length is not greater than 0.5 mm, not more than 1.
5, close roundness refers to is not round at the top, the diameter difference between maximum and minimum diameter is not more than 0.7 ~ 1.0 mm. 6, stripes: visual obvious are not allowed to have a distance of 300 mm.
7, low cup height deviation (cup height low deflection) : a glass bowl the top and the lowest height difference is not greater than 1.0 ~ 1.0 mm.
8, the glass thickness difference: no more than 0.5 ~ 0.8 mm.
9, shear seal: refers to the stripe or the centipede shear mark, length is not more than 20 ~ 25 mm, width is not more than 2.0 mm of not more than 1, more than the bottom, or hair hair bright, there is no more than 3 mm.
10, stamps: cup body of a record grain printing, while obvious are not allowed to have.
11, in a flat: refers to the cup body is uneven, while obvious are not allowed to have.
12, brush hair brush with bruises: refers to the glass and the glass of the diameter of the friction, MAO left in the cup body loses luster, flat to see clearly are not allowed to have. Scratch refers to collide with each other, between the glass in the cup body surface left scars, there is no light.
1. According to your budget and advertising purposes (or other purposes), choose the type of products, quantity, packing, time of delivery
2. Send you want to print LOGO, words, designs, design department to design new rich light sample, company sales assistant contact you, to confirm
3. Screen rendering production cycle for 24 hours
4. The rendering and single sent to the production department, production planning and MRP production scheduling based on date
5. The production department to prepare all kinds of accessories for production
6. The glass components production
1) cut glass tube
(2) the glass tank closed down
(3) make the tank logo and baked
(4) to connect outside bile and bladder
7. The glass for assembly
8. The delivery time and delivery way. General: production cycle for five days, the delivery time is 7 to 10 days. (if the goods are urgent need each other informed with shipment time, we confirmed with the production department)
9. The problem of the deposit. Deposit need to 30% 50%, can carry out online banking transfer and pay treasure to deal
10. Purchase order receipt confirmation
Fax order (customer all the requirements for the product and deposit certificate) customer confirmed and back
11. Make the product after feedback to each other, and notify the other party to play balance payment
12.. After receiving the balance payment, delivery immediately

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